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  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 11.5kg (25.35lb.)
  • Package Size: 43cm x 35cm x 39cm (16.93in x 13.78in x 15.35in)

  • Brand Name: AmScope
  • Theory: Stereo Microscope
  • Magnification Ratio: 7X-45X
  • Material: Metal
  • Model Number: SM-1T
  • Drawtube: Trinocular

This is a 7X-45X trinocular stereo zoom microscope with super large stand. It incorporates all the most excellent features of a high quality laboratory instrument. Designed to meet the demands of modern microscopy applications, this scope exceeds all expectations. It comes with SUPER widefield optics and super large stand. It offers high resolution and good depth within a broad field of view. It provides crystal clear sharp stereo images, 6.5:1 large zoom magnification range and 4" (100mm) working distance. Its 45 degree inclined trinocular head ensures an easy observation and rubber eyeguards provide further comfort. Its trinocular port enables to add photo or video capability.
This microscope is useful for many applications. It can be used in gemology, geology, forestry, archaeology, agriculture and biology. It is appropriate for educational purposes in hospitals and schools. It is great for the exploration of the world of surface details and fine structures of various materials like wood, metal, solder, semiconductor and gemstone. It is perfect for the examination of insects, plants, rocks, stamps, coins, jewel, soldered points, microelectronic components, circuit boards or virtually any three dimensional objects. This scope is an ideal tool for research labs, gemologists, collectors, engravers, watchmakers, jewelers, dies-makers, philatelists, and anyone in semiconductor or electronic industry. It is made by the same technicians and on the same production line as optical instruments for Leica, Zeiss, Nikon and Olympus. It comes brand new in factory-sealed box. Its retail value is $1,200.
Features: 7X-45X Trinocular Zoom Microscope with Super Widefield Optics Trinocular Port for Attaching Photo/Video Cameras 45 Degree Inclined Eye Tubes 30mm Super Widefield 10X Eyepieces Crystal Clear Original True Color Images Erect Sharp Stereo Images over a Super Widefield of View High Resolution with Great Flatness and Contrast Accurate Alignment Ensuring Fatigue-Free Comfortable Observation Both Ocular Tubes with Adjustable Diopter Adjustable Interpupillary Distance Full Optical Glass Elements Precise Ground Glass Lenses Metal Pillar Stand Finished with Stain Resistant Enamel All Metal Mechanical Components Rubber Eye-guards Included Manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard Excellent Five (5) Year Manufacturer Warranty Lowest Price Guaranteed or Refunding the Difference! Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
Specifications: Head: 45 degree inclined 360 degree swiveling trinocular Eyepieces: 30mm super widefield high-eyepoint WF10X/20 Objective: 0.7-4.5X Zoom Range: 6.5:1 Maximum Field of View: 1-1/4" (33mm) Minimum Field of View: 3/16" (4.75mm) Diopter Adjustment: +/-5dp Interpupillary Distance: 2-3/16" - 2-15/16"(55-75mm) Working Distance: 4" (100mm) White/Black Plastic Plate: 3-3/4" (95mm) in diameter Accessories: eye-guards and clips
Packing List : One Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Head One Pair of Super Widefield High-Eyepoint 10X Eyepieces One Pillar Stand with Super Large Base Plate One Focusing Rack One White/Black Round Plastic Plate One Pair of Clips One Pair of Eye-guards One Dust Cover User\'s Manual Shipping Weight: 25 lbs


Bad quality, wear and tear on the zoom lense part seem they assemble this sensitive part in very tough way! I found metal piece inside the focus part which caused the tension bar to stuck from rotating at the center point and after i opened the mentioned part i saw 2 metal rings used inside and one extra one thrown by mistake which is stuck between the focus gears. I still have another problem that the eye pieces not equal and i need to adjust the left one more that the right one to get the clear view which result the 2 eye pieces are not same level now which annoys me a lot. I regret my purchase from AmScope!!

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